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Measurements for our BJD dolls

Little Fee fashions may fit Volks Yo-SD, Custom House Ange, RosenLied Tuesday's Child. Kaye Wiggs Millie or Cinnamon, and other similar size Tiny BJDs
Fairyland Little Fee's measurements are: Height 25cm/10", Bust 13cm/5.2", Waist 11.8cm/4.7", Hips 14.5cm/5.8"

Kaye Wiggs Millie's measurements: Height 28cm / 11", Bust: 12cm / 4.8", Waist: 10.5cm / 4.2", Hips: 13cm / 5.2"

Kaye Wiggs Cinnamon's measurements: Height 25cm / 10", Bust 12cm / 4.8", waist 10.3cm / 4.1", Hips 12.5cm / 5"

Iplehouse BID measurements are: Height 26cm / 10.4", Bust 14.1cm / 5.7", Waist 13cm / 5.2", Hips 14.5cm / 5.9"

KID Lonnie is an in-between Tiny and MSD size.
Iplehouse KID Lonnie's measurements are: Height 34.5cm / 13.8", Bust 14.9cm / 5.7", Waist 13cm / 6", Hips 17.8cm / 7.1"

Annabella size fashions will fit many of the 43-46cm dolls, including 16" Kish, Bobbobie, Kid Dollmore, Narae, AOD, Soul Kid, Dollzone, Planet Doll, B&G Goodreau.
Annabella is slightly bigger in the waist, but on styles without a defined waist her fashions will work.
Kaye Wiggs Annabella's measurements are: Height 46cm/18.4", Bust 19cm/7.6", Waist 15.6cm/6.25", Hips 20.5cm/8.2"

Lierre size fashions will fit Volks MSD and dolls of similar size.
JakzJewelz Lierre's measurements are: Height 16", Bust 6.75", Waist 6", Hips 7.5"

Nelly is an in-between MSD and SD size at 53cm/21.2"
Kaye Wiggss Nelly's measurements are: Height 53cm/21.2", Bust 195cm/7.8", Waist 17cm/6.8", Hips 26.5cm/10.6"

Sophie, is a Domuya D1-60 cm, similar in size to other 58-60cm SD size girls.
Sophie's measurements are: Height 60cm/ 24", Bust 25 cm - 9 3/4", Waist 17.5 cm - 6 3/4", Hips 24.5 cm - 9 1/2"

More measurements coming soon!

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